AxpertSoft PDF Password Lock

AxpertSoft PDF Password Lock 1.3

Pdf encryption tool to password lock Acrobat PDF documents with open password
1.3.6 (See all)

AxpertSoft PDF Encryption Software to password lock & secure Acrobat PDF files instantly. Tool developed with option to use standard RC4 or advance AES encryption method with any length of password key. Program helps in securing private & confidential files to prevent unauthorized access. Tool lets user to restrict selected accessibility options like printing, editing and copying content. Tool is designed to run successfully on all Windows platforms, need not to install Adobe Acrobat professional or reader application to lock documents. Supported latest Windows platforms include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Tool is completely standalone and user friendly. This read only and non-destructive app quickly encrypts bulk pdf documents with open and owner password security. It is recommended to encrypt pdf with owner password, AES method and 128-bit encryption key; making it protected with open password enhances security of your document. Trial version creates watermarking on output pdf documents. Trial version can be tested with RC4 40-bit, RC4 128-bit, AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryption key along with restrictions of locked printing, copying, changing, form filling, commenting, extraction, conversion, signing and OCR of document contents.
* Pdf Encryption supports locking of batch pdf files.
* Lock pdf using open password and master password both.
* Tool supports Windows 8 operating systems.
* Support of up to 256 bit long encryption key.
* Free evaluation file is available to download for FREE.

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